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So, I did cooking today.  I tried to do werewolves, but the Cottonwood kids were too unfocused.  I want to get my inventory empty in one of my Minecraft worlds.  I intend to kill a Zombie with a mending sword in the same world.  Also, I met some Cottonwood kids today.  One of them made a clay figure for me.  And, that’s it.  And I will blog tomorrow.

So, I did cooking.  I made pancakes- hopefully the ones I saved taste yummy, because most of them were bad.  I get 4 pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon, and a lot of maple syrup.

New topic:

So I am going to do Werewolves after blog time.  I hope I’m the Witch.  I’ll kill Ryan if he’s playing (if I’m the Witch).  I met a kid from another ALC.  His name was Benji.  I did a huge sword fight.  It was spiders against dinosaurs.  I was a spider.  I used Benji’s shield against him.  It was made of cardboard, so I could bend it.  And then, I pulled his sword right out of his hand and threw it in the bathroom!  I also was in the Green Room, at the dinosaur base, and I threw the sword at Benji and hit him.  Then he charged towards me and went under my legs and hit me from behind.  I then took his sword and hid it from him.

New topic:

I will start again tomorrow!

So, I did cooking.  I made creme brulee!  It was yummy.  Nancy let me keep some chocolate.

I did Werewolves, and I was the Fox.  I was one of the last people to die.  I did coding with Timo.  I made a guessing game from 1 to 10 million.


So today I did cook n00b.  We made fried rice, dumplings, and crab shumai.  It was yummy.  I did pumpkin carving.  I carved a pumpkin with a face! I practiced piano today too (dad knows what songs).

Ok, and that’s it!

I did cook n00b.  We made pavlova, and it was yummy.  I brought some home.  I will go to taste more after my blog.  And, new topic:

I did coding with Timo.  I coded a guessing game from 1 to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

And, I think that’s it!


I did cook n00b and we made candy bread.  It was yummy.  It tasted like candy muffins.

New topic:

So, I did check in and changeup today.  I did coding with Timo.  I coded a guessing game from 100 to 105.  It was cool.  I also did a culture committee about Zoe using Max’s phone without his permission.  And, that’s it!


I kicked the ball.  It went far.  It went high.  I got to the quiet room from the other side of the hallway.

New topic:

So, I did a Nerf gun hide-n-seek battle.  Damian hid.  I know him so well that I knew where he was every time.  Once he hid behind the couch, but I easily saw that the couch was moved, looked behind it and found him.  He put his hands up to surrender, but every time I knew what he was going to do- run away!

That’s it!


So I brought my cat.  His name is boots.  Saylor liked him.  Zoe liked him. Jiana liked him. Even liked him. Mel liked him.  Abby liked him. Ryan liked him.

New topic:

So I did cooking.  We made cornbread and chili.  It was yummy.

I played Virus. I did Werewolves and was a Werewolf… they killed me first.  Damian is the worst DM because Xander was the Defender, and he defended himself, but died anyway.  And the Witch definitely didn’t kill him because there was no Witch.


So I played a game.  It was fun.  It was a war game.  I also jumped on the couch and practiced a sliding move.  That’s it!


Ok. So I did cooking.  We made chicken stir fry. That’s it.  I’m bored with blogging.


Ok, so I did cooking.  We made cookies.  They were good. I did check-in.  It was good. And that’s it.  Not much happened today.


So, I did the park trip today.  It was fun! We played shark tag, infection tag, and a game where you have to run through the swings without getting hit.





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