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So, I have a cat. His name is Boots.  He knows how to speak, and I made him punch me in my face!  haha.  He bit a person 3 times and I said, he’s a devon-rex.  He’s also pointed.  He knows how to open doorknobs, how to turn on the light.  He went outside and walked right into the flowers.  And, that’s it!

New topic:  I like to blog- I am blogging now =)

New topic: I like Star Wars.  General Grievous is delicate, because Obi Wan Kenobi almost ripped apart his armor.  Count Dooku is a bad fighter.  He is supposed to be smarter than Anakin, but Anakin killed him.  He looks crazy and I think he should be a different species.

New topic:  and I’ll keep doing it tomorrow.  Ok.

I did Werewolves, and I was the White Werewolf.  Ryan was the Fortune Teller, and Zoe was the acursed Wolf Father.  Douglas was a werewolf, and Serena was the Piper.  Luca was the Hunter, and Saylor was the Witch.  I died on the first night because the Witch killed me.  Serena, the Piper, enchanted everyone, so she won- I never got enchanted though, because I died on the first night.

There was no kickball today, but I did rock climbing.  There was no cook n00b, but I brought my water gun!  I found a rainbow in the back room, and I’m going to gratitudes today.

And now I’m done for the day.

I did cooking today.  I made pizza, and it was yummy.  I put bacon on it.

I did Minecraft chat with Ryan and Even.  I kicked a kickball.  I played werewolves, and my role was the Witch.  My team won the game!  I voted for Jiana to be sheriff, to make more people think she was a werewolf, and then they killed her.  I killed Saylor with a kill potion and saved myself on the first night when the werewolves tried to kill me.  And, Beth, the first werewolf, rage quit so that there were only two left.

And, I’m going to blog more tomorrow.

I did cooking today.  It was really yummy.  We made chocolate fondue.  Nancy let me keep some cheese and chocolate before we were done cooking.  I did werewolves and everyone thought I was a werewolf, but I was the defender.  After one night, both of the werewolves (Even and Douglas) died.  Luca was the witch, Douglas was a werewolf, and Even was a werewolf.

New topic:  Damian committed to cook noob, but he never did it.  The first time I tried to eat the chocolate fondue it was burning HOT.

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