Cheese Fondue

I did cooking. And I made cheese fondue. It was yummy. I wish to make it at home (@nhoopee). I also watched Jiana play videogames. I also was spying on Ryan. I also had a little less time. I also had some time playing tag. I also played a game with Jiana and Sterling. I was on Sterling’s side, but Jiana said it was a cheating game. So I didn’t really like it. I also say it is the cheese fondue. It got too much cheese. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it.

I have a cat. It’s name is Boots. I really like him. I told him that when I was two years old. I screamed out “Boots!” and that was what we named him. My daddy wanted to call him Hudson because of the Hudson river, but I didn’t think that was a good idea because everyone would think we were talking about the Hudson River.

Also a couple of days ago I had a stop motion class, at my house. The software was broken, so how we planned it was mostly Lego starwars. On Christmas, I got the Lego Starwars Java Sandcrawler. It is BIG BIG BIG BIG. Also I have the Death Star, one of the biggest sets ever. What’s cool about the Java Sandcrawler that I mentioned is that it was an ultimate collector series, but they usually don’t have that many play features. But this one does. I also have the Death Star, the sword. The second biggest set. The biggest is the collector series Millennium Falcon 5990 pieces. The Death Star is only in the 300s. The third biggest set is the Java Sand Crawler that I was talking about before. Also a big big set is the Super Star Destroyer. It comes with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and other bounty hunters. I also like Slave One. It’s big. It comes with Boba Fett. I kind of like it. I also started a battle droid army. I also started a clone army. I also started an imperial army. I also started collecting Star Wars sets. I also started getting big Star Wars sets. I want to do cooking more. I also want to get the Super Star Destroyer with my own money. It costs a lot, since it’s retired. But when I get as much as I need, I’ll get it online. I also want to buy the Multi-troop Transporter. I also have two Lego Starwars Droid Ekas known also as Destroyer Droids. A lightsaber cannot destroy them, because they have force fields. I also want to have the Lego Starwars Force Awakens First Order Battle Pack. I also want the Resistance Battle Pack. I also want a big Star Wars collection. I also want a big Lego collection. I also want the people who work with Lego to make a Finalizer from the Force Awakens, and if they do make it I’ll buy it. It is the new flagship from the Force Awakens. It is bigger than the command shuttle, because the command shuttle is only 100 feet high. The Finalizer is bigger than a Star Destroyer. It is as big as a Super Star Destroyer. The new Death Star is difficult for the rebels to destroy in The Force Awakens. Because it is a planet, having special abilities and the laser cannon on it to destroy a planet or many planets. It’s difficult for the rebels to destroy, because it is a planet and the Resistance doesn’t want to destroy living life forms. The only living life forms that they want to destroy are Sith, the first order Storm Troopers. Also, they destroy the New Order. The Supreme Commander, Snoke, is maybe…he killed the teacher of Darth Plagueis. He couldn’t be like Plagueis even though he could be, because he could be, because he got killed in his sleep by an apprentice but he knows how to save himself from dying. I also have the Lego Star wars At at. It has one weak space–the neck. Anything that points at the neck that can shoot can destroy it. The Empire uses it for ground assaults in The Empire Strikes Back. The Empire Strikes Back is sad, because Luke Skywalker almost dies. The Empire Wins in that movie. Also in the new movie–number it seven–the Resistance has a bigger army than the First Order. The First Order people also are mostly from the normal empire. They escaped by going to unknown regions, the ones who survived. They escaped, like I just told you, and they created a big army and that’s what the First Order’s story is. Also the Lego Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier is a cool set. Also my favorite is Star Wars. It’s my favorite TV show, too, since they have the Clone Wars and Star Wars levels. I’ve seen both seasons, including season two, the second season. Rebels is better than The Return of the Jedi. Also, the sad part about the Phantom Menace that I can think of is that Qui Gon dies, Qui Gon Jin. The timeline started with Master Yoda and then it went to Count Duku, who used to be a jedi. And then came Qui Gon Jin. And then came Obi Wan. And then came Anakin and then came Vasoka Tanu from the Clone Wars. And from Rebels. Also my favorite Star Wars set is probably the Super Star Destroyer. It is big big big. Bigger than a Star Destoryer. It is so big in its docking bay it can fit more than ten Star Destroyers. It is loyal to the empire. Even though in Rebels they have a more powerful Super Star Destroyer that has gravity well projectors that can pull a ship out of hyperspace. Also the First Order is much smaller than the Empire. The Empire is big. Bigger than the Republic. The New Republic, also known as The Resistance, has signed an agreement with the First Order saying make small ships and if you make big ships we will build big, but they didn’t agree with that so the First Order made big ships and the Resistance didn’t make big ships. So the FIrst Order got an advantage. the First Order has many new commanders, including General Hops whose dad was working with the First Order. He wanted to join the Resistance, but he didn’t think they could win so he joined the First Order. The First Order is a new nation that wants to destroy the Resistance the same as the Empire. The Empire is bigger than the Resistance and the First Order. But still the First Order is big. The new Lego Star Wars Force Awakens sets are really cool. I have the first seven and I want the new ones. I also want the season two micro fighters. Lego comes up with small small small small small sets called micro fighters, almost as big as 5.” Also the Empire has big big ships called Star Destroyers that can destroy a whole city in one blast. The Empire came up with a weapon called the Death Star that can destroy a planet in one blast. Also the Empire had a new Death Star because the Rebels destroyed the first death star, and then they destroyed the new death star. And then in the Force Awakens the Resistance destroyed the new Death Star, and so the Death Star population is not really working as planned. Also the First Order to me has no clue what they’re talking about because all they’re talking about is really getting out the troops and destroying the Resistance and destroying every new nation that comes with the Resistance and the people that help the Resistance.

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  1. Hey, Aiden! I’m glad you liked the cheese fondue!!! I will give you the recipe and you and your parents can make it at home. YUMMM!!! See you next Friday! Say hi to BOOTS for me! Nancy

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